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Welcome to renarts-design!

Join us as we step off into another adventure and explore the possibilities and potential of the Internet.

It has taken us a long time to get here and we look forward to the journey.

The addition of this new website is our hope to expand our market and to offer to even more people the products and screenprinting and design services we offer. Browse the site, see what we have to offer. We’ll be adding more designs, and services as we progress.

Be it custom screenprinting services for your group, club, school, band, small or big company or the appreciation of our stock designs of medieval and or dog themed products we hope you find satisfaction with Renaissance arts & Design.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to renarts-design!

  1. Love my shirts printed by ren art. They rock! Mike and Sherry are wonderful people.

  2. Hello, I have purchased several of the Latin Sayings shirts and would like to purchase some more, for friends (now that I know their shirt sizes), I’m interested in the 3 that were Firefly/Serenity related and one of the ones that said (in English translation) my friend went to Pennsic and all I got was this Tshirt (or something to that effect).

    1. Hey George,
      Thanks for your patronage. Now that we’re back and unpacked from Pennsic, I’ll be adding the latin designs to the site. I’ll try to let you know when they go live.

      1. Thank you Mike, I look forward to seeing them, there’s a few more that since I’ve gotten home, I see I need to get some new ones of for myself too lol, one of my first that I purchased ages ago is, shall we say, ‘well worn’ LOL

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