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A War With No Enemies

Years ago we came up with that slogan and have made it part of our design each year since. You’ll find it printed somewhere on the shirt. And it reflects how we feel about the event and the friendships we experience and the good times we have at this event. Its one of the reasons its grown so much. That and the push that Sherry and I along with our Ansteorran counterparts while we were on the throne back┬áduring Gulf Wars 2 and moved the event from June into March. Making it considerably cooler and allowing more people to attend since it no longer competed with other events. Since then, event organizers have adopted it as part of the war theme. It is also reflected in the culmination of the war always being announced as a tie. (Everyone knows who has bragging rights, but are very happy with the outcome)But most importantly, that despite a war themed event, we are spending time with old friends and new. And though we may beat eachother mercilessly during the day, some of the most enduring friendships are made afterwards.

We’re off to war and we’re bringing some great new designs and of course a commemorative event shirt.
This will be our 28th year at Gulf Wars.

Despite over 3000 pre-registrations, the current health scare and concern that some people had, and the possibility of a canceled event we waited till the last minute to print. As a result, we will be bringing less Gulf Wars shirts than usual. We’ll be offering four colors of shirts and the usual t-shirts, longsleeves and hoodys you look forward to seeing. Come by and say hi, get your war shirt early to have the best selection of colors and sizes. Because of the limited supply, we’ll be offering mail orders of the event shirt off the web site till May 23. Just in case you missed the event, were having too much fun to stop by and pick one up from us at the event or somehow forgot, you’ll have plenty of time after to place an order. We’ll be doing one reprint after May 23 and ship everything out then.

Have a safe trip, we look forward to seeing you at the event.

Mike & Sherry (Benen & Rosabel)


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