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Gulf Wars XXIX Items done.

Gulf Wars XXIX items have been taken down from the site and its time to move on to Pennsic and several new designs we’ve had planned and have been working on.┬áSome awesome things in production and we can’t wait to share them with you and make them available soon.
We want to thank everyone for your interest and support in what could have been a devastating outcome. Though we are heartbroken that we didn’t get to attend the event and that it was called off, and that we didn’t get to see our friends, customers, meet new friends and enjoy the event we are deeply appreciative of our interactions and the turnout of love and support and interest in our designs that helped us through this difficult situation. We look forward to seeing everyone again and make up for lost time next year.
We look towards the summer now and though Pennsic has been postponed till next year we already have a design up and have more planned in the upcoming weeks. So look to the site periodically and check out what we’ve been working on and will be producing.
Highest regards,
Mike and Sherry
Earl Benen Mactire KSCA, OL, OP
Countess Rosabel de Burgundy OL

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