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All things change and they certainly do here too.
As you may have noticed we changed our Web hosting provider and the transition for the most part has been very smooth. On the outside everything looks the same but there will be some changes made as we develop our own skills as well as expand out our line and services. Our sincere appreciation to our original web host and his work to get us up and running in what was a crash course and frantic scramble to respond to events of the last year. And our sincere thanks and appreciation to our new web hosting service for making the transition smooth and timely and adding some performance enhancements. Now just to get the web monkey (me) up to speed and to shrug off my Luddite blanket and walk blindly, boldly and with no worries into this brave new world and information super highway. You’ll recognize me as the hitch hiker that your mom warned you about on the side of that highway, wave as you go by. Buy some shirts. Help a hobo out.

As always, thanks for your support and we appreciate your patronage and enthusiasm for our designs and products.

2 thoughts on “CHANGES

  1. Hi! I was recently at Pennsic and was dismayed that you had no “a friend went to war and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. I asked and was told I could go online and order it there.

    I may be blind, but I’m not seeing that option. Have you stopped making them!?

    1. I have them, I just need to put them on the website. Give me a couple of days and you can check back and they should be there.

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